Let Them Eat Slime! is a weird and wonderful arcade game, that is easy to play and highly addicting.

Your task is to clear a path for your ship, down to the ground.  You do this by dropping slime for the monsters to eat, which will clear them off.  Clear them all and you can land and complete the level.

Each level gets harder and faster, and completing levels will progressively unlock better and better ships, making it possible to get even further.

How many ships can you unlock? Which level can you reach? How much can you score? Let Them Eat Slime! is awesome addictive randomness that will keep you busy for ages!

Don’t forget to visit the Pixamo Rewards section, as completing tasks in Let Them Eat Slime! will earn rewards in other Pixamo games and level up your Pixamo Rank.

Coming soon to iOS


  • Endless gameplay
  • Insane test of skill and reactions
  • Awesome graphics
  • Superb randomness
  • Pixamo rewards 
  • Free!